GRID Training 11.10.15

1) Weightlifting
Jerk: EMOM Starting @50% of your Max work up to a 3RM Power / Push Jerk that you can cycle quickly, true TNG. Add 5-10 lbs per minute. Once a max is found, Drop to 80% or the max and every 45 sec for 3 minutes 3 reps TNG Power / Push Jerk.

Rest 5 Min

2) Sport
Part 1
1min: 15-25WB @20lbs/14lbs to 12’
2min: 10 DBLU’s + 20ft handstand walk + 10 DBLU’s + 20ft handstand walk
3min: 10 DB snatch @ 70+/50+ alternating
4min: 14 Burpee box jumps (no lockout needed on top)

Rest 5min

Part 2
1min: 20 toes to bar
2min: 15 Chest to bar pull ups
3min: max effort muscle ups
4min: rest

Rest 5min

Part 3
1min: 10 KB Thrusters @ 53lbs/35lbs
2min: 20 Steps KB Front Rack Lunge @ 53lbs/35lbs
3min: 8 single arm DB DL each side, AHAP
4min: 80FT farmers carry AHAFA



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