Comp Training 8.2.17

Session 1
E3MOM 30 min
Power Snatch x2 building each round Starting at 60% of 2rm Snatch build to a max, if you find your max before 30 min drop to 80% and finish the remaining rounds.

Session 2
1) 20 minute sled march @135/95
Every 2:00 = 10 burpees (no red mats in parking lot, I will place rubber mats outside for you to use.)

2) 24 minute alt emom
a) 3-5 chin-ups (add weight if possible
b) :15 L sit on Parralettes

3) Z press 5×12@45/35 add 10-20 lbs if your form is perfect. If you are struggling to do this use a seated position against a wall.


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