Comp Training 2.5.18

Session 1
Mixed Modal
3 rounds for time:
30 Air Squats
20 Alternating DB Snatches
10 Hand Release Push Ups

Session 2
1. 4 sets:
6-8 Half Kneeling Landline Press (2-1-1-1)
10 Side Plank Clamshells
10 Single Arm DB Powell Raise

2. Glute Bridge DB Bench Press (3-0-x-0) 2×6-8
2a. Prone Barbell Row (x-1-2-1) 2×6-8

3. Box Step Up 3×10-12
3a. False Grip Ring Row (1-1-2-0) 3×6-8
3c. Weighted Planks 3x:45

4. 3 sets not for time:
1:00 Wall Sit
:30 AMRAP Sit Ups
10 Alternating DB Muscle Snatch


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