Competitor Training 6.13.14

1) Snatch 65%x2, 72.5%x2, 77.5%x2x2, 82.5%x1x2, 87.5%x1x2, 92.5%x1x2

2) Clean & Jerk 65%x(1+2,) 72.5%x(1+2,) 77.5%x(1+2)x2, 82.5%x1x2, 87.5%x1x2, 92.5%x1x2

Back Squat, 4 @ 7, 4 @ 8, 4 @ 9, plus three down sets (load drop)

1) EMOM 10:
2 strict + X kipping muscle-ups

Notes: X = 50% of reps to failure performed after set of 6 strict on 140606. Scale however necessary to be able to complete sets successfully on the minute.

2) 3×10 Candlestick Raise

Notes: Use ankle weights if proficient, scale with band if required to perform correctly.

3) 3×10 Tuck Sit Pullup

Notes: Dumbbell on lap if proficient.

4) Pike/Straddle/Pancake Stretch with partner

Aerobic Development
Row 5k @ 7.5

1) Farmers Walk 2:00 of constant motion, 35% bodyweight per hand

2) Bulgarian Split Squat 3×8/side

3) Dumbbell Upright Row 3×10

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