Competitor Training 6.23.140

1) Snatch + Hang Snatch 65%x(1+2)x1, 72.5%x(1+2)x1, 77.5%x1, 82.5%x1, 87.5%x1, 90%x1

2) Clean + Hang Clean + Jerk 65%x(1+2+2)x1, 72.5%x(1+2+2)x1, 77.5%x1, 82.5%x1, 87.5%x1, 90%x1

Notes: Making reps is more important than hanging onto the bar between lifts.

Back Squat, 3 count pause 3 @ 7, 3 @ 8, 3 @ 9, plus four down sets (load drop)

1) Accumulate 90 seconds in handstand hold against wall

2) 10-8-6-4 strict handstand pushups + near failure kipping handstand pushups

Notes: Compare to 140602.

3) 3×10 barbell front raise

Notes: Scale with dumbbells if necessary to keep sound mechanics.

4) Pike/Straddle/Pancake Stretch with Partner

For time:
30 burpees
30 front squats, 115#/75#
30 box jumps, 30″/24″
30 push press, 115#/75#
15 burpees
8 front squats
15 box jumps
8 push press

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