Competitor Training 7.4.14

1) Accumulate 3 Min Assisted Planch
2) 10 Min 3 Rep EMOM: 3 strict Ring Muscle Ups (incorporate a L-Sit if possible) or 6 Sec Negative (Jump up and lower yourself Down to a 3-1-3 Count 3 sec top half/1 count transition/ 3 count bottom half)

1) Snatch: 1-3 sets to find a 3RM then 3×3@90% *not touch and go, drop from the top

1) Back Squat: 10×55%, 10X60%, 10X65%
2) Weighted Rind Dip: 1-3 sets to find a 5RM then 4×5@90% (if you cannot do any weighted dips, have a partner place a weight on you back, and elevate your feet on a 45lb plate and perform the prescribed sets/reps as weighted pushups)

Mixed Modal
3 x 3 min AMRAP:
HSPU x 12,
Power Clean x6@155/105
Rest 3 min Btwn

1) If you have a Specific Weakness perform Accessories for that area.
2) Pike/Straddle sit leg raise 3×15
3) Banded Good Mornings 3×12-15


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