Competitor Training 7.7.14

1) Accumulate 2.5 min in handstand hold against wall.
2) 10 min 4-8 rep C2B Pullup EMOM (Use Gymnastics or Butterfly Kip, if not pro ficient in both alternate styles every other minute)

1) Snatch High Pull + Snatch + Snatch Balance: find a max then 3sets @90%

1) Back Squat: 8×60%, 8X65%, 8X70%, 8×75%
2)Push Press: 1-3 sets to find a 5RM then 4×5@90%

Mixed Modal
For reps
Alternating Tabata
20 sec work 10 sec rest
Jump squats

*Perform rounds in sequence as listed. You should perform 24 total rounds totaling 8 of each.

Interval / GPP

If you have a Specific Weakness perform Accessories for that area.
1) Acculmulate 3.5 min Hollow hold & 2 min sec Superman hold
2) DB TYI’s 3×12
3) Weighted Situp 3×10 Heaviest Possible


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