Competitors Training 7.8.14

1) Accumulate 3.5 Min Ring Hold *Add L-Sit or Load if you can
2) 10 Min 8 rep EMOM 4 Strict HSPU+4 Kipping HSPU *3-5 inch deficit and or load if possible.

1) Clean High Pull + Hang Clean + Jerk: find a max then 3sets @90%

2)Snatch Grip RDL: 1-3 sets to find a 5RM then 4×5@90%
2)Weighted Pullup: 1-3 sets to find a 5RM then 4×5@90%

Mixed Modal
20 Min AMRAP Sled Push for Distance every 2 min 8 Burpees
*Load the sled with an additional 135/90 lbs the goal is to march continuously with having to stop other than to turn
*track your distance by pushing the sled on 50m Intervals

Interval / GPP / Conditioning

If you have a Specific Weakness perform Accessories for that area.
1) Tempo GHD Sit Up (3-2-3) 3×10
2) Incline DB Row w/ 2sec Pause 3×10
3) Bicep Curls & Triceps Ext 3×12



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