Competitor Training 7.12.14

1) Box Shoulder Stretch 4×0:20
2) Inverted Hollow on a Bar (scale to rings if necessary): accumulate: 120 sec

1) Clean: 1-3 sets to find a 2RM then 3×2@90% *not touch and go, drop from the top

1)Dead Lift: 1-3 sets to find a 5RM then 4×5@90%
2)Push Press: 1-3 sets to find a 5RM then 2×5@90%

Mixed Modal
For Time
50 Thrusters @95/70
100 DBLU’s
50 Toes 2 Bar
100 DBLU’s

Or with a partner for time
50 Thrusters @95/70 each
100 DBLU’s each
50 Toes 2 Bar each
100 DBLU’s each
* Split any way but each partner myst complete there share if the reps. One partner works at a time and movements must be completed before moving on.

Interval / GPP
Make up any missed interval /GPP work
Max distance Sled Drag 2×5 min @225/185 on sled (use Harness or belt and drag sled, no hands)

If you have a Specific Weakness perform Accessories for that area.
1) Arch Rocks 3×25
2) Floor Levers / Dragon Flags 10 sec Decent 3×5
3) Incline Bench TYI’s 3×12



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