Competitor Training 8.4.14

1) 6 min Strict Pull-ups try to match or beat total volume from 7/21/14
1) Snatch High Pull + Hang Snatch + Snatch: find a max Compare to 7/14/14
1) Back Squat: 6×75%, 6×80%, 4×85%, 3×90%, 2×95%, 6×75%
Mixed Modal
For Time:
R-Arm KB swings
L-Arm KB Swings
*KB Swings are to be done with the heaviest load you can handle well
Intervals / GPP/ Conditioning
1) EMOM 14 min Sprint 100m
If you have a Specific Weakness perform Accessories for that area.
1) Accumulate 4 min Hollow hold & 2 min sec Superman hold
2) DB TYI’s 3×12
3) Weighted Sit-up 3×10 Heaviest Possible


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