Competitor Training 8.9.14

1) Bar Muscle-Up 6 min AMRAP try to match or beat total volume from 7/25/14 Weightlifting
1) Clean: 3 attempts to find 1RM. NOT TAKE MORE THAN THREE ATTEMTS! Compare to 7/19/14
1) Dead Lift: 3-5 sets to find a 3RM Compare to 7/26/14
Mixed Modal
5 rounds of:
Row 500M
15 Dips
Rest 1:1
Intervals / GPP/ Conditioning
1) Run 8 Min x 3 @105% cooper test pace Rest/8 min btwn efforts Accessories
If you have a Specific Weakness perform Accessories for that area. 1) Arch Rocks 3×25
2) Floor Levers / Dragon Flags 10 sec Decent 3×7
3) Incline Bench TYI’s 3×12

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