3 Day Split weightlifting Cycle 2 Week 7 day 2

Warm up:
Row 500 M
Dynamic -10 of each, 2 rounds: wrist circles, arm circles, hip circles, lunges, good morning, pause squat, push ups, Hollow hold 30 (sec)
Jerk Progression x1
Clean arnold x1

Clean High Pull + Clean + Front Squat (5 sec hold on the bottom), find max + 3@90%

Deficit Snatch Grip Deadlift Find 5RM + 4@90%
Weighted Pull ups find 5RM + 4@90%
Weighted dips find 5RM + 4@90%

Ball Slams 4×1 min @ME rest 30 sec in between sets
Hollow Hold Accumulate 2 minutes
Bis+Tris 3×12


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