Competitor Training 12.5.14

Warm Up
Agility Ladders x 3

Gymnastics / Skill
6 Min HS Straight Arm Hip Taps volume accumulation (
Then 2 rounds of the Arnold Snatch Warm-up

Snatch + Snatch Balance: 10x(1+1) @50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 87.5%, 87.5%, 87.5%, 87.5%, 87.5%, 87.5% Rest exactly 90 sec Btwn. Make sure you pause for 3-5 sec in the bottom position of the snatch balance; these are rock bottom catches, no Snatch grip behind the neck Power Jerk and then riding the bar down!

Mixed Modal
Grace and Karen have a Play date complete 10 rounds for time:
15 Wall balls @20/14
3 Power Clean + Jerk @135/95

Bench Press: Every 90 Sec 4×3@50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, then 4-6 sets x3 @87.5%

Mixed Modal B
20 Min EMOM:
Even Min: 5 Lateral Med Ball Slams Each Side
Odd Minutes: 5 C2B Pull-ups As fast as possible

If you have specific weaknesses perform accessories for that area.
Perform in a circuit rest exactly 1 min Btwn movements
1) Bicep Curls & Triceps Ext 3×10
2) Pike/Straddle sit leg raise 3×30
3) Sumo Stance Straight Leg Good Mornings 3×12-15



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