Competitor Training 4.19.15 Offseason Week 3 Day 1

A. Weightlifting
1) Low Hang Snatch (No Contact From below knee caps): 5×3 add weight each set heavy but not maximal.

B. Strength
1) Hands Free Front Squat: 5×5 add weight each set heavy but not maximal.
2) 3 Sets Max Effort Unbroken C2B Pull-ups
3) T-Bar Row: 5×5 add weight each set heavy but not maximal.

C. Mixed Modal
AMRAP 2 x 5 minutes with 5 min rest Btwn
8 Push jerk 135/95lbs
12 Toes to bar
16 Calorie row

D. Skill / Goat Work
Click the link below for this weeks training.

2015 Offseason Week 3 (Meso 1 Micro 3) April 20th – 25th




  • By John D - on Reply

    Day 4 looks awful. Only a couple questions:

    What are we using to simulate a T bar row?
    Is the 200m run still going to be down to the street and back?

    • By Crossfithartford - on Reply

      Tbars & land mine bases for bars will be in the recent expansion area available for everyone.

  • By Mark b - on Reply

    End of January hit 21 c2b , today I hit 30 c2b unbroken. Progress! No touch front squats are very helpful

  • By Kathleen - on Reply

    I got 2+2 and 1+35 on the AMRAPs… A little quicker on the toes-to-bar and I would have gotten in that last cal to make 2 full rounds :/

    Also, nice job Mark!!! Those C2B looked great. And it was fun lifting with Sarah today, even if we were like the blind leading the blind.

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