3 Day Split Weightlifting Week 11 Day 3

Warm Up
Row 4 minutes

Dynamic: 2 rounds of: Jog, Butt Kicks, High Knees, Leg Swing, Inch Worm, Bear Crawls, Crab Walk, 10 burpees

Barbell: Snatch B and C 1 of each

Snatch 2×3@60,65% 3×2@70,75,75%

Clean and Jerk 2×3@60,65% 3×2@70,75,75%

Back Squat 4×5@75%

Incline Row 3×5 HP

DB Floor Press 3×5 HP

Bi’s and Tri’s 3×10

Sprint 40 meters x5 rest 45 seconds


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