Competitor Training 12.1.15

Session 1
Goat / Skill
Spend 20 min working on your weaknesses.
Mixed Modal
20 Min AMRAP
FGB Style
Min 1 : DL 135/ 95
Min 2: Wall balls
Min 3: Rest
Min 4: 1 Arm KB Snatches
Min 5: Ring Push-Ups
Min 6: Rest

Session 2
Tempo Snatch Grip RDL(3-3-3): 5×5 add weight each set, heavy but not maximal Focus on perfect positions!
Plyo- metrics
Broad Jump: 5×3 *the goal is to perform 3 broad jumps consecutively rest 90 sec btwn. Focus on being as explosive as possible with each jump.
Box Squat Jump Tuck: 5×5 *squat to below parallel onto a box, relax you r muscles and then explosively jump vertically as high as possible and perform a jump tuck.
Air Assault: 100 Cal for Time *this is a benchmark test, we will be using it for pacing pieces going forward, don’t game this, do your best to attack this as hard as possible!


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