Competitor Training 12.23.15

Session 1 

Weightlifting Wednesday 

Staring with and empty barbell 

A) EMOM Hang Snatch x1 

Add 5/10 lbs each minute until you miss

Then immediately begin Part B

B) EMOM Front Squat x1 

Add 5/10 lbs each round until you miss 

If you snatch 150/105 lbs or more add 10 lbs per round under 5lbs. 45 min cap. Take a minimum of 15 hang snatches. If you miss before the minimum 15 is reached perform the remaining reps at 80% of what your best lift was. The same applies to FS. 

Session 2


For time 

50 HSPU 



4x1k @85% of your best 500M 

Rest 3 min btwn 


3 rounds

GHD Sit up x20

GHD Raise x 20 

Rest 2 min btwn 

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