Competitor Training 1.27.16

Session 1
Power Snatch: 10 Min EMOM x3@65%

Power Clean & Jerk: 10 Min EMOM x3@65%

Session 2
Super Set
A) Bridge Rocks: 3×5
B) Headstand and Hold: 3x:05-:10 sec
C) Freestanding Handstand: 3x: 05-:10 sec

D) HSPU Negative w/ 45 lb Plates: 3x:10 Sec
1) Strict Deficit HSPU find a Max Depth
2) Kipping Deficit HSPU: 3x ME using deficit from previous section. Rest exactly 90s btwn sets 3) Parallettes HSPU Negatives: 3x:10 Sec

4) Handstand Hold (heels or toes to wall): 3×1:00


10 rounds: Run 30 sec with max incline as fast as possible rest 90 sec btwn.


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