Competitor Training 2.17.16

Session 1 “AM”

Weightlifting Wednesdays
21 Min EMOM Alternating Rounds Of
Min 1 – 10 Hang Power Cleans @40% of your C&J
Min 2 – 25 DBLU’s
Min 3 – 10 S2OH @40% of your C&J
Session 2 “PM”

Super Set
A) Band Pull aprts: 3×10
B) Banded W’s: 3×10
C) Victory’s: 3×10
D) Bridge Rocks: 3×5
1) Headstand and Hold 3x:05 sec
2) Freestanding Handstand (Use a spotter if needed but the focus is a static hold not stumbling around on your hands.) 3x:05-:15 sec
3) Handstand Walk(Use a spotter in needed but the focus is solid position and locked in midline.) 1xME
4) Shoulder Taps: 5×20
5) Strict HSPU: 3x ME
6: Kipping HSPU: 3xME
14 rounds alternating (7 each):
Run 40sec Run as fast as possible (No Incline) rest 90 sec,
Air Assault Bike 40 Sec for max calories, rest 90 sec.

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