Comp Training 7.26.17

Session 1
E3MOM 30 min
Front Squat x2
Starting @70% of your 2rm clean add 5-10 lbs per round until you find a max. If you find a max before time has expired, drop to 80% of your heaviest lift for remaining time.

Session 2
1) Pendelay Row: 3-5 sets to find a 5RM (please make these perfect don’t get ignorant we will be using this as part of your strength progressions)

2) Weighted Dips: 5×5@80,85,90,90,90% of your 5rm

3) 5 rounds
Sled Shuttle x100m @135/90
HS walk x50 ft in 25 foot increments.

4) 4 way plank: accumulate 2 min each position


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