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No. Our workouts and exercises can be scaled to any level. We’ve had anyone from grandmothers, regular Moms and Dads, to kids go through the program and they’ve all been fine. You will too.

Come on down for a FREE class any day to get a taste of CrossFit workouts and see if CrossFit Hartford might be a good fit for you. If you’re undecided about which day to come in, Thursdays are a particularly easy day to come by.

To begin to get that CrossFit addiction you’ve heard people talk about. You’ll begin to do things you couldn’t before, you’ll sleep much better and your general fitness level will increase. Members have said that they noticed their increased fitness in the most interesting ways, from not breathing heavily when walking up stairs or not using a shopping trolley at the supermarket anymore.

You’ll probably be a little sore as your body adjusts to full-body, functional movements. This is normal and we are very big on recovery and mobility at CrossFit Hartford.

In short, no. Just Google pictures of Camille Leblanc-Bazinet or watch this video.

Absolutely. Press Contact Us for more info or to set something up.

Yup! We take all of the following: cash, debit, VISA, Mastercard.

Please check out the rates/membership page.

Yes, but only if you are a current member, and only during open gyms times. Please see our schedule.

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For any questions that weren’t answered here, please fill out our contact us form.

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if you are interested in stopping by, if you have never done CrossFit before please come try a FREE trial class?

Here are some easy ways to contact us. We hope to see you soon.


221 Newfield Ave. Hartford, CT 06106

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